Random Word Poetry

Anything Goes Verse

John Hansen
2 min readJun 17, 2023


An Experiment

These poems resulted from an experiment to see if I could successfully combine random and seemingly unconnected topics into one poem. A couple of my friends provided the subjects:

  1. wildflowers, songbirds, camels
  2. worms, candles, acorns

The following poems are what I came up with.

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Wildflowers, Songbirds and Camels

Wildflowers growing freely,
Fresh colours in the fields.
Even on the rocky earth
The cacti are in bloom.
Not confined by any garden,
No florist for to yield.

Songbirds in the treetops,
A chorus greets the sun.
Each species has its own sound,
Not mimicking anyone.
Following no words or tune
They just sing for the fun.

Big-humped camels cross the sand
In dromedary trains.
Called ‘ships of the desert’
Watch them sail across the dunes.
Days between both food and drink
But they do not complain.



John Hansen

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